4 Feb 2009

Dr Wall in shock praise for Pope comment

Well I do have a number of problems with the Pope however glad to see he has admitted that there could be a bit of a problem with Holocaust denier Richard Williamson http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7869995.stm

Incidentally if the Irish Green Party challenges the Porketariat and we see Green TD's working to stop motorway building/increase the number of buses in Dublin, I will recant on my criticisms.

Here is hoping and I still think the Pope needs challenging on homophobia...God if he she or it exists ain't no bigot! If the Pope is so infalliable why isn't he tolerant, same sex ain't no crime.

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Marcus said...

Hi Derek,

Here is a link of interest on the Irish Greens with the recent bus number cuts.


We have called for "Reform no Reductions".

"The Government has increased the amount of money it gives to Dublin Bus from €62 million in 2004 to €80 million in 2007 yet passengers have reduced by 1.5 million passengers over that period."

It's Dublin Buses failures at getting people out of cars and into buses that has resulted in these cuts. Im not saying that cuts are the way forward which is why we have called for reform rather than cuts to Fianna Fail and Dublin Bus. They have failed to do anything with the millions of pounds thrown at them so it was inevitable that cuts would be made.

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