2 Feb 2009

Peter Tatchell 'a secular saint'

Well having fulminated at those turncoats in Dublin and their friends in the porketariat, I was inspired by this post, there are many Green Party members doing a lot of very good work...long may they prosper.

One of them is Peter Tatchell, this is a report on his fundraising night of caberet from my friend Joseph Healy.

Both Peter and Joseph are Green Party candidates and do excellent work. Joseph is I believe from Dublin.

David Hoyle introduced Peter on to the stage as "a secular saint" and that is indeed a very good description of what he is. For years he has carried out virtually a one man crusade against many different forms of oppression, winning supporters along the way, sometimes from the most unusual sources such as the rightwing press. Peter, of course, joined the Green Party and is now the parliamentary candidate for Oxford East. I always wonder at his energy and sheer chutzpah, not to mention his willingness to put himself forward as a spokesman for many campaigns which others would ignore.

Peter explained at the end of the evening how busy he was and the importance of his fund. He receives on average 600 emails per day requesting his help and assistance from all over the world. One of the amazing facts that Peter told us is that Stonewall, the main LGBT rights organisation in this country, and which has strong links with New Labour, refuses to deal with any individual cases. This to me is astonishing as they have a fairly large income and regularly pass themselves off as the main campaigning organisation for LGBT rights.

More from Joseph here

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