6 Jun 2010

Bilderberg list

There is a lot of anti-semitic conspiracy bs written about the Bilderbergs.

The National Front founder A.K.Chesterton was obssessed with them and waxed at length linking them bizarrely to Jewish members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, race mixing, the fall of the British Empire in his book The New Unhappy Lords.

The madder monetary reformers are obssessed with them to.

I don't think they rule the world but they do provide the facilities for the powerful to get together.

There is more to power than conspiracy.....the everyday pressures of capitalism are far more damaging.

And racialising this is crazy and sordid.....there is an anti-capitalism of the far far right and we all know where that leads.

Leftist blogger splintered sunrise has a list of this weekends attendeesat aBilderburg meeting here

The Lib dem member fromTorbay also has (a frankly odd) post on the bilderbergs here

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