28 Jun 2010

An Fís Nua new Irish political party to register.

The two-day meeting in Parnell Square was attended by former Green Party MEP Patricia McKenna and ex-Green Party councillor Pat Kavanagh of Wicklow town as well as members of the Donegal Greens which recently disaffiliated en masse from the Green Party.

David Grey of Tralee, a former candidate for the party, advocate for the disability sector and founder member of GM Free Kerry also supports the new group, but said he could not attend the weekend meeting.

Speaking after the meeting, Ms Kavanagh said the weekend had considerably moved the agenda forward for the new party, which she likened to “a federation”.

She said membership would be open to individuals, but also to organisations which wanted to retain their separate identity while aligning with An Fís Nua.

“It is a federation with a political structure with a view to fielding candidates in the next local and general elections,” she said.


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