30 Jun 2010

Matsés indigenous denounce incursion by oil company

This was put out by Aidesep on monday, 70% of the Peruvian Amazon is being sold off for oil exploration, the indigenous people are keenly aware that their environment will be destroyed and climate change will become catastrophic if the oil companies get their way. The indigenous are resisting.

The video above is informative but I think inaccurate about their traditional agriculture and it doesn't stress that the Matsés are well organised politically. I am sure the Matsés will be posting their own videos at some point, I am continually inspired by the fact that remote indigenous communities use the web, facebook, twitter and engage with the ultra modern when it helps them!

Interesting that a group isolated from the rest of the world have a better understanding of climate change science than Lord Monckton.

AIDESEP, June 28, 2010.

The Matsés people have denounced the incursion of the Pacific Stratus Energy SA company in their indigenous territory, positioning on lots 135 and 137 superimposed on their communities and have agreed to ask the authorities to annul the grants of oil blocks.

'We do not want their presence in our territory, we want our water to be clean, so our children can grow strong and healthy'.

Dunuan Uaqui Angel Maya, Apu of the Matsés communities, said the development of hydrocarbon activities is against the citizens and the earth because the emission of more toxic gases into the environment from fossil fuels threatens our forests and effects of climate change are becoming more visible.

For this reason, continued Dunuan all Matses have decided that any activity that produces more impact on our Amazon should be avoided responsibly, and alternatives based on living well without doing harm to others and to the environment.

For this reason we ask that thinking about the future of the country, native communities, we ask the country's development plan in mind other strategies without compromising our communities or the lives of others.

"We feel we have expressed our feelings and our decision to authority and we hope to be served on this occasion, because authority has been reached by the decision of our people with the hope of being heard and addressed by the State in this remote jungle of Peru, "he concluded.

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