3 Jun 2010

Raid at Eagle Rock shows 'they act on behalf of the money'

“It’s heartbreaking, it’s really disconcerting to feel the rights of the corporations have been put above and beyond the rights of the people,” said Amy Conover of Marquette, Mich. When politicians “get into power they don’t act on behalf of the people, they act on behalf of the money.”

Indigenous people and their non native supporters set up a protest camp to oppose a sacred site being destroyed for a sulphide mine.

The cops went in, destroyed the camp and arrested the activists.

This is the way day by day we are making our planet unliveable!


Anonymous said...

thanks for getting this story out. it's been really hard to get anyone's interest. I may heading up there soon, so I'll have an on scene report.

Derek Wall said...

my pleasure, do send me anything else on this you want me to blog.

indigenous struggles should be a no brainer for greens to support and I work quite a bit with Hugo Blanco the indigneous/ecosocialist leader....sorry its only a quick mention, I am quite focussed on aidesep at present

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