13 Jun 2010


My sources suggest it is possible that two or three Green TDs will hang on because of local support and distance from the Fianna Fali government but it could be total wipe out....in Dublin soon to help launch a new Green Party, the present Green Party from support for biofuels to motorway building and huge cuts has been a disaster.

These poll results are disastrous for the Green Party and the Dublin support figure offers more cause for concern than the national figures does, given that the party main support lies there and given that five of the party’s six TDs represent Dublin constituencies. With the party’s support levels in its strongest region now effectively less than half of what it was in 2007 and with an expected fall-off in transfers from other party, the party simply is in a position where it is not in contention for a seat in any constituency, with the exception, maybe, of Galway West,


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