8 Jun 2010

You are the fish. You are the tortoise. You are the abundant ocean." Guru Granth Sahib

Jagdeesh Singh is a well known Slough based campaigner and someone I value as a friend and is part of the local activist network in East Berkshire please listen to his appeal and spread the word.

Dear people:

"You are the fish. You are the tortoise. You are the abundant ocean." Guru Granth Sahib

Whilst BP officials and their Chief Executive struts about assuring the world and the US President that they will eventually clean up their sick and poisonous gigantic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; there are countless animals, birds and fish who are being terminally contaminated and killed by this entirely corporate, profit driven disaster. The planet, animals, and, humans, are simply fodder for companies like BP, Esso, Shell, Union Carbide to simple trample over, in pursuit of their glorious multi-billion profits. The Chief Executives and their cosy colleagues, get rich and fat on these massive profits, enjoying their mega-comfortable lifestyles in the rural billionaire homes, ranches and farm-houses;, with their hunting and shooting adventures and their 4x4s. Whilst the rest of the world around them, decays, suffers, contaminates and dies becuause of their filthy, morally debased, pursuit of monetary riches.

What BP have done in the Gulf of Mexico, and have done before elsewhere and will invariably do again; is ECO-CIDE! Killing and maiming the planet, and its varied life forms. I am tempted to say that, the chief executive and senior officials of these moronic profit making gigantic machines, should be all gathered up and dumped right in the thick of this poisonous oil slick. They should be told sink or swim in the poison of your own making!

It is left to the Robin Hoods, Banda Singh Bahadurs of past and present, to fight this legalised murder of the planet and its animals. The poor, dismepowered, money-less humans who are not part of the chain of profit making, like the tens of thousands of residents of Bhopal (central India) who bore the direct brunt of the 1984 Union Carbide chemical explosion - the "worlds deadliest industrial accident"; are also treated like the abundantly defenceless, voiceless animals. Bhopals residents too, are profitless, voiceless, defenceless animals. Indeed, a good taste of what animals feel and suffer, through a human experience!

As part of the righteous fight back against these murderous giants, please help and support groups like Defenders of Wildlife in their bid to save and rescue the animals and birds of the Gulf of Mexico. There are many other good groups doing their part. Help them all!

Our riches lie in the life of diversity on this mother planet, that we should nurture and empower to grow and flourish. Our riches lie in the sacred circle of life, not in the elites and cliques that seek to maim, contaminate and dominate.

Power to the Planet! Power to the Animals! Power to the People!

jagdeesh singh

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