12 Jun 2010

Enlightened self-interest in the Amazon

Ray has put together some links on the Peru Amazon struggle....useful, spread the word.

The Struggle of the Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru
to preserve the precious rainforest and their way of life
By Ray Beckerman

I am going to collect links here to sources of information about this important and heroic struggle. The fight these beautiful people are waging is not just for themselves, but for all mankind. The rainforest, and the culture and ways of life of these and other indigenous peoples, are precious resources which form part of our heritage. It is not a luxury, but a necessity, that human rights be respected, and that our natural resources be preserved.

It is no accident that so much of our most precious, remaining natural resources are in the hands of indigenous people, because they do not see themselves as owners, but as stewards, of nature's precious gift. They have taught us that the land is not something we inherit from our fathers, but something we borrow from our children.

The senseless brutal attacks on these people, starting with a pre-dawn helicopter attack upon defenseless people sleeping on the side of a road, and continuing with numerous instances of shocking brutality, including the hunting of unarmed people with machine guns shooting from helicopters and the forcible removal of injured people from hospitals, are crimes against humanity, and cry out for the immediate prosecution of Pres. Alan Garcia and others responsible.

(If you know of other events or actions, please send to RayBeckerman on Twitter or by email.)

A great list of actions that can be taken, including protest events, and contact information for Peruvian Government, United States Government, and United Nations, is maintained here on Peruanista.
Action Alert: Tell Peruvian President Alan Garcia: Stop the persecution of Amazonian indigenous leaders
Youth for Truth
Petition to sign
Contribute to Peru emergency Fund
"Action Alert in Solidarity with the Peoples of Peru"
fPcN Call to Action
Join Facebook Group "Solidarity With Peru" (Solidaridad con Perú)
Send a message to the President of Peru
Join Q'orianka Kilcher's Action alert and information meetings, email: peru.initiative@yahoo.com
Contribute to "Intercontinental Cry" web site; a voice of indigenous people worldwide


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