4 Jun 2010

Letter from Mockus to Polo Democratic

Polo Democratic has criticised the Colombian Green Party, however there are some constructive exchanges of views going on between these two parties.

Just had this from Mockus

Letter response to Democratic Pole Alternativo
Gustavo Petro Urrego, Former Candidate
Clara Lopez Obregon, President
Polo Democrático Alternativo:

We appreciate your communication of June 1 and participation in the meeting yesterday. As announced consultation was conducted with the National Party which ratified the decision to deal with runoff leading a citizens' alliance.

No agreements with any party election. However, we are open to incorporate into our program proposals that are relevant and consistent with our principles.

As was evident during the debates, and as we could comment again yesterday, we have differences in international relations.

We fully share the need to overcome the influence of gangs on the Colombian State and the urgency of ensuring the effectiveness of the principles of truth, justice and reparation for crimes against humanity in the framework of respect for the separation of powers.

We also appreciate, as was stated during the campaign, the concern for restoring the land to those who have been deprived of it.

We hope that many who voted for his candidacy on May 30 are in the second round with us to eradicate poverty and strengthen the law. Thus the two organizations can retain their identity and independence.


Antanas Mockus
Presidential Candidate
Green Party

Executive Director

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