24 Jun 2010

New Irish Green Party meeting.

This includes Patricia McKenna, Chris O'Leary, David Grey, Pat Kavanagh, and the Donegal Greens (en masse).

The first meeting is this saturday and I have been kindly invited....so its train and ferry tomorrow morning.

Details of the meeting are as follows;
Emerald Forum Meeting
Saturday, June 26, 2010
12:00pm - 6.00pm
Teacher's Club, Parnell Square, Dublin

Ocean Frog takes up the story

I am very happy to give a plug to the next Emerald Forum Meeting which will happen on Saturday, June 26, 2010. Cllr Pat Kavanagh (Independent Green) is the driving force behind this new initative, and I greatly admire and support all she is doing. Pat is genuinely one of the good guys, and she is striving for change ... real change ... in Irish politics.

Pat has said that since the last meeting, the forum have been putting together proposals for a Manifesto and a Constitution. You are invited to do the same and to either email them in advance to emeraldforum@gmail.com or to come along on the day to amend and/or vote for our collective proposals.

Emerald Green are very pleased to welcome Derek Wall, Green Left and last principal Speaker for the Green Party of England and Wales to our meeting. Derek's support and experience will encourage the endeavours of the Forum at this most difficult time in Ireland's political history.

More than ever, our country needs people who will put the wishes of the people ahead of their own vested interests. Are you ready to be a part of this movement? If so, then you know what to do!

I encourage everyone to attend if possible. This is an exciting initative, and one that has the potential to effect real change away from the tweedledum and tweedledumber politics we have had to suffer in this country for the last generation or more.


Charlie said...

Sorry Derek, but Chris O'Leary is no more on board. He only joined the first Emerald meeting last year when it was not clear yet that we would form a new party.
Cheers, Charlie.

Derek Wall said...

thanks and keep letting me know if I can be help!

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