4 Jun 2010

Send Israel a message Emergency National Demonstration, Saturday 5th June

Emergency National Demonstration, Saturday 5th June

To show our outrage at the brutal and illegal actions of the Israeli Government, PSC along with CND, Stop the War, British Muslim Initiative, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Palestinian Forum of Britain and Viva Palestina have called an emergency demonstration for tomorrow - Saturday 5th June.

The march will start from Downing Street at 1.30 pm and head to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington where there will be a rally.

The nearest tube is Westminster on the Jubilee and District lines. Alternatively, you can go to Charing Cross on the Bakerloo and Northern lines, which is a 5 minute walk away.

There are coaches from around the country coming to London - To find out where to get a coach from click here. If you are organising transport and your city is not listed please email info@palestinecampaign.org with the details.


Anonymous said...

Well done Israel

Keep fighting those horrible little fascists.

Pass my message on please Derek.

Derek Wall said...

Israel kills peaceful protesters and its anonymous supporters celebrate the bloodshed.

This machine kills fascists said...

No Derek

I don't like apologists for gay hating, jew hating religious bigots. Politically, Hamas are deeply unpleasant and have a similar aim to many right wing fascists - that of exterminating the jews that they see as sub-human despite

They weren't 'peaceful', how ever many times you say it. And you know it. Stop romanticising people. Hamas are fundamentally fascist. They would certainly dislike my views on religion, homosexuality and society etc - and that's MY acid test.

Derek Wall said...

They were peacefully some of them I know personally,
you want to punish all Gazans and kill those who take them aid.

Are you a 'machine for killing peace protesters' I think you are?

This machine kills fascists said...


As some of them set off they were chanting songs about killing jews

they wanted to be martyrs - it's all there on video, if you can make yourself watch it and accept it.

they are horrible fascistic anti-semites.

Many people on the boat were, of course, well meaning people. Misguided - for some reason Israel works people up like no other country - but basically well meaning. They need to work out the difference between themselves and the people on the boat who were hardline anti-jew bigots.

Derek Wall said...

You are scum, you justify killing people.

The Jewish women blinded by the IDF this week was blinded by you.

You gouged her eye.

Now fuck off and stop polluting my blog

Derek Wall said...

you going kill these people and then celebrate you little shit


I am not a supporter of Hamas or anti-semitism but when you celebrate the killing of peace activist I must admit I lose it.

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