11 Jun 2010

Urgent appeal from Amnesty to stop killing of indigenous and theft of their land

Ley de Consulta
Amnesty International Campaign

Law on the Right of Indigenous People to Consultation

Last year following the events in Bagua, the Peruvian government issued a statement to the international community, via its Embassies, which stated that "Peru has a long tradition and constitutional commitment for the protection and promotion of human rights...it has actively supported various international initiatives that seek to recognise the rights of indigenous peoples...".

The Peru Support Group (PSG) supports the Law on the Right of Indigenous People to Consultation (Ley de Consulta) as approved by Peru's Congress on 19 May 2010. However, President Alan García still needs to promulgate the Law. By so doing, the Peruvian government would go a step further towards fulfilling its international obligations as a signatory country to International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Convention 169 and as one of the countries that supported the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007), which calls for the full respect of indigenous peoples' rights, including the rights related to their traditional lands, territories and resources and to their free, prior and informed consent.

Please support Amnesty International's campaign urging President García to promulgate the Ley de Consulta via the link below.


The Law on Consultation (Ley de Consulta), as approved by Peru's Congress, is an extremely important step forward in assuring the rights of Indigenous People in Peru - President Alan Garcia MUST promulgate this law within 15 days (i.e. by 18 June) otherwise it will not pass into law.

Please take action and disseminate as widely as possible. As the email address to which Amnesty sends the actions has been changed once already, if possible please also send the letter by fax and post (if you press 'Print a letter' and then 'Send' the text of the letter will appear in a separate screen with the address and fax number - so that you can print it off or cut and paste it into a separate document).


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