3 Jun 2010

Q’orianka Kilcher first interview after leaving jail on video

'The indigenous movement in Peru is very strong'

Q'orianka Kilcher, Hollywood actor who played Pocahontas in the 2005 film The New World. She is also an outspoken activist on environmental and indigenous issues. This is her first interview after leaving jail, where she and her mum were imprisoned for taking direct action to defend the Amazon

Please please let people know about this.

The indigenous in Peru fight to win!

Q'orianka is an indigenous heroine not just in film but in real life.

And President Obama is a zero for embracing a racist who sees indigenous people as second class citizens and is actively tring to steal their land.


Carlos A. Quiroz said...

Thank you Q'orianka and Saskia for your bravery, you have taught a lesson to many, especially to the murderer Alan Garcia!

Derek Wall said...

and Carlos thank you for your good work.

Aidesep are very very important and inspiring.

Do have a regular look at lucha indigena, its publisher Hugo Blanco has been fighting for justice in Peru since the early 1960s http://www.luchaindigena.com/

ryk mcintyre said...

Derek – thank you for reading my blog and especially thank you for a link I'm not likely to find easily in our media.

Ryk McIntyre

(p.s. I like the Eno nod in you title)

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