2 Jun 2010

Pocahontas actress protests against Obama's meeting with killer

No blood for oil

'Dead indigenous Mr President?' 'Its the American way and how we have built our prosperity, I am glad that it is now the way of Alan Garcia'.

is what Obama might have said when he met the butcher of Bagua yesterday.

Actress and activist Q’orianka Kilcher and her mother Siaska were detained after protesting against Peru’s president Alan Garcia who met with president Barack Obama at the White House. Photo by Carlos A. Quiroz, June 1st, 2010.

'Thank you to those who supported and attended the protest against Alan Garcia for his crimes against Indigenous peoples of Peru, at the White House.'

Last year on June 5th World Environment Day over a hundred indigenous people protested against the destruction of the Amazon in Peru were massacred at the Devils curve near Bagua.

Their organisation Aidesep had been using non violent direct action to stop Alan Garcia selling the Amazon to oil companies.

It makes me very sad that so few greens now about their brave struggle. If you care about climate change you should make defending them your number one priority, Q’orianka Kilcher has done this....moving mountains to support them.

A lot of green action is bullshit, stopping the Amazon being destroyed is not, the people who defend it with success face imprisoment, persecution and death. Those who execute them are feted by the most powerfull man on our planet.

Please follow her on twitter and regularly look at Aidesep's website.

Aidesep's site is in Spanish but if you only read English look at Carlos's blog which is bilingual and has lots of resources and information.

Obama apparently loves human rights abusers if they keep supplying the USA with oil, this is what he said to Alan Garcia

'"Peru I think has been an extraordinary success story over the last several years. We’ve seen not only the solidification of a thriving democracy, but also an extraordinary economic success story," Obama said. "And even last year in the midst of a very tough global recession, we saw that Peru was able to remain resilient."

'Dead indigenous Mr President?' 'Its the American way and how we have built our prosperity, I am glad that it is now the way of Alan Garcia', Obama might have answered.

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