6 Jun 2010

Greens on 16% in shock poll

well its Australia but they have an AV system which we may get and are impacting....something for Green Party of England and Wales members to learn from.

Green Left Weekly is wonderful must blog their stuff regularly.

In recent weeks, the big mining companies have spent millions on propaganda against plans to make them pay more tax. But the results of a June 1 Newspoll showed they have hardly made a dent on public opinion.

Both big parties are losing ground, the poll said. Labor’s primary vote dropped two points, to 35%. The Coalition went down by the same margin, from 43% to 41%. But the bombshell was the record Greens vote — up four points to 16%.

This is not a new trend. Support for the Greens has risen steadily over the past decade.

But the recent surge in Greens support has coincided with the Labor government’s decision to suspend its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme for a further three years.

PM Kevin Rudd’s approval rating has plummeted since the suspension. His repeated promises to take urgent action on climate change have been exposed as a sham. Meanwhile, the Coalition under leader Tony Abbott has reverted back to the naked climate change denial of the Howard era.

April was the world’s hottest month since records began. The Arctic ice sheet is melting at a pace never seen before. Scientists say carbon pollution has made the world’s oceans more acidic than they have been for at least 20 million years.

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