21 Jun 2010

Wongkumarra Solidarity

Being Green Left indigenous liason officer is keeping me busy....in Dublin on friday and saturday so might be able to link up with these people, in the House of Commons and the Venezuelan Embassy next week as well to do with my post!

Wongkumarra Solidarity Ireland The Australian Embassy is located at:
Fitzwilton House, Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2 - just off Stephen's Green

Wongkumarra Solidarity Ireland was formed today on the Hill of Tara, for the purpose of campaigning against the continuing breaches of human rights of the indigenous Wongkumarra people by the Australian government, and various mining companies.

Hope Ebsworth and Donnie Dixon, of the Wongkumarra people, travelled from Australia to meet with TaraWatch members and the public and perform 'dreaming stories' on the Hill of Tara, for the Summer Solstice festival. They also related their family stories, which involve genocide, ethnic cleansing, misappropriation of lands and mineral resources, and destruction of sacred heritage sites.

Members of TaraWatch and the CELT, the environmental educational institute, joined with members of the public to formally establish the Wongkumarra Solidarity Ireland.

A protest outside the Australian Embassy is planned for Wednesday, 23 June, at 11.00am.

The group will be contacting the embassy tomorrow, Monday, to ask for a meeting with the Australian Consulate, in which case the protest will be cancelled.

Hope Ebsworth said:

"We will be presenting our five major grievances to the Consulate, involving breaches of human and civil rights.

"It has been impossible to make any progress at home, so we have come to Ireland, in hope of making this an international issue.

"We will be making complaints to members of the Oireachtas, MEPs and the United Nations."

SEE: Irish Times - Hundreds attend solstice at Tara


ber durand said...

I met these two on TARA Hill and was moved by their humble story telling. I would love to continue to support and encourage them in their fight to gain human rights.
When will people care enough to shout out NO to the abuse of peoples for money and wealth. When will we take the time to listen to the lessons of the elders?

Derek Wall said...

thanks Ber,

sorry for delay, I have been Ireland, great to meet Pat Kavahagh. Frank Gallagher and all those other good people.

Ber, do take a regular look at Intercontental Cry if you don't already

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