4 Jun 2010

Earthships in Brighton!

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Some places still available:

EARTHSHIP INSPIRATIONS, 10 years building in Europe.Saturday 19 June Brighton Media Centre Friese-Greene House, 15-17 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL

This is a partnership event between Brighton Permaculture Trust, Earthbuilds Europe and the Low Carbon Trust.

The day starts with an introduction to Earthships and then there are a series of case study talks by people who have built earthships all over Europe including France, Spain, Holland and the UK. There will also be a talk on the thermal performance of earthships in European temperate climates and the day ends with a plenary session with all the speakers.

In the evening the award winning film Garbage Warrior about the inventor of Earthships Mike Reynolds will be screened after a talk by the director Ollie Hodge.


Course 1: 11-13 June Course 2: 16-18 June This course is for anyone thinking about building their own home and anyone interested in learning about Earthships and includes practical workshops.

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