29 Jan 2011

Aaron Porter chased away by angry Egyptians

Well actually students in the UK...

People like Aaron Porter are the lowest of the low.

It works like this loyal New Labour activists are fast tracked to be Presidents of the National Union of Students.

Few students vote directly for them, its all sewn up by the most right wing members of Labour Clubs at student unions at a local level.

They do nothing much for students and for their loyalty they are given safe parliamentary seats.

When I was active in NUS it was Phil Woolas as NUS President, a man whose racist election leaflets would have made Nick Griffin blush.

In the 1970s or 60s it was the war monger Jack Straw.

The machine is so big, students are unlikely to stop these people but at least we can all cheer the students who chased off Aaron Porter....thanks Aaron for helping to destroy my childrens chance of a university education, now what would be the word that Laurie Penny might call you?

People like Porter have no shame, he will be a Labour Cabinet minister voting for wars no doubt in a decade or two.

The incident began when a small number of students spotted him at University Place, opposite the Manchester Museum, the arranged starting point of the student march. As they argued with about his record as head of the NUS, which has been controversial due to a number of statements critics say amount to denouncing his own membership, a larger number gathered around until there were around 300 people, with some reports suggesting as many as 500.

According to one member of the group, private security guards, who it is believed were hired by the NUS for the event, escorted Porter as the protesters “walked” him back toward MMU, chanting “students, workers, hear us shout, Aaron Porter sold us out”, and “Porter out”. Once at the university campus the police helped him in to the union building, where the NUS leadership based themselves for the day, with a small number of protesters attempting to gain entrance through a side door, before being thrown out by the same security company.

Witnesses reported that he was visibly shaken, with two separately describing him as “sobbing”. Following this, Porter did not take part in the march, and did not speak as scheduled at the TUC/NUS/UCU rally taking place at Platt’s Fields. Shane Chowan, the union’s Vice-President, spoke instead, but was pelted with eggs at the end of his speech. References to the NUS throughout the rally were greeted with booing and heckling from the crowd.



njw3000 said...

the NUS speaker at the rally in Platt Fields Park, later in the day, was booed "tomato'd" off the stage and had to abandon his pisspoor speech.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I know I shouldnt really find it funny that AP was chased by 500 or so students, must have been very scary, but I do. He is so much a Labour Party bigwig in the making, (he hopes) its sick/cringmaking.
I know some have said, energy mustnt be wasted on fighting against A/P, causing divisions ect, and I agree, but, A/P is just abysamal,and needs to go. Sure the Labour Party have already got a seat warm for him. Rachel.

Derek Wall said...

yes normally I would not think this kind of thing was appropriate, but its like the clone army, useless shallow career politician replaced by the next clone.

He will get re-elected as NUS president and do dreadful things and eventually become an MP where like Phil Woolas and Jack Straw he will probably help kill people in horrible wars.

Nice to see him reminded that students don't like his chosen career path and lack of care for their futures.

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