1 Jan 2011

Shock opinion poll shows Liberal Democrat support falling below Communist Party

The poll, conducted on December 20-22, showed both parties tied on 3 per cent, behind Plaid Cymru on 30 per cent and Labour and the Tories on 28 per cent each. The BNP have slumped to 0 per cent, despite once having national full-time organisers, premises and local councillors in the region.

In the 2007 Welsh Assembly elections, the Lib Dems won 8 per cent of the North Wales regional votes - enough to give them an assembly seat - while the the BNP scored 5 per cent and the Communists less than half of 1 per cent.

'The new poll result is based on a sample of 213 electors, so we are not yet packing our bags for Cardiff Bay', Communist Party Welsh secretary Rick Newnham declared.

'But the poll shows that support for the Lib Dems has dropped like a stone across Wales, following their betrayal of anti-Tory electors in general and students in particular'.



Richiedaw said...

Dear oh dear your statistics are rather flawed aren't they.Sample size is to small to be statistically sound and you make no mention of methodology or how representative the sample is !
In short its what Anthony Wells of UK Polling Report calls a 'voodoo' poll ( http://ukpollingreport.co.uk/blog/archives/category/voodoo )

much like the ones the Daily Mail do so you are in good company !!

Derek Wall said...

Yes not that serious a poll but not much doubt the Lib Dems are falling in the polls and at least in Wales the Communists rising.

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