30 Jan 2011

Egyptian Army arrests Interior Minister Habib Al Adly?

The Egyptian Army has just issued a statement that it has arrested Interior Minister Habib Al Adly and NDP strongman Ahmad Ezz.

This suggest that the Army is backing the people and about to over throw Muburak, looks like very good news.

The Army is refusing so far to fire on the people.

In contrast the police are killing people, over 200 so far and have been causing chaos such as looting so as to justify crack down.

Well post more when I find out!

Page grab of TV announcement, nice if some one with Arabic could confirm this, been learning Arabic alphabet with my kids this morning but can't a lot further than 'alep' lol!

So far this is coming from @SultanAlQassemi

EXCLUSIVE: Very reliable source from Egypt: Habib Al Adly was arrested for opening the doors to all jail cells yesterday so chaos ensues


Mayada said...

You understood correctly. The page grabs are re-iterating that Al Adly and Ahmed Ezz have been arrested by the Army to be tried in court. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Derek Wall said...

thanks Mayada, I haven't heard confirmation of this elsewhere I hope its true.

thanks for helping me by reading it!

Mayada said...

Hey Derek, thanks for getting back. I'm an Egyptian living in Canada and my parents live in Egypt. In speaking with them I learned that this piece of news is incorrect - no surprise there. No one was arrested. Ahmed Ezz, who is also a very close friend of the president's son Gamal Mubarak, has fled the country. As for Al Adly, he resigned today.

Thanks again for a great website/blogs and keep up the good work!!

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