9 Jan 2011

'strongly desired'

Sometimes I feel submerged in a blog/web/twitter world of 'progressives' who want what we have but without the sharp edges.

I want something else. I want a world that works....what we have does not work, its the locomotive heading towards the abyss....progressives simply want us to pay less for a train ticket to hell.

Utopia needs to be made real and practical.

This is from my good friend Michel Lowey:

[U]topia is first of all a waken dream oriented towards the future, a landscape of desire. The objet of the dream and of the desire is a non-yet-being which exists in reality as latency. In other terms, utopia is the anticipation of a world not-yet-become, but strongly desired.

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clarebot said...

I really like Lowey's definition of Utopia, especially in the literary sense. Did he say that or is there a text source?

Derek Wall said...

I think its from Ernst Bloch, who I know was a Jewish Marxist with very beautiful thoughts, who I need to find out more about.

thanks for commenting, Michel Lowey is lovely human being who I wish I ran into more, really manages to make something creative of his politics and is of course co-author with Joel Kovel of the ecosocialist manifesto.

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