4 Jan 2011

'[Sufis] are the real comrades

Beautiful piece of music from Laal, who are huge in Pakistan,

This is what Laal say about their song:

Laal presents "Meray Dil, Meray Musafir" dedicated to the Birth Centenary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The music video is a new interpretation of Faiz's iconic poem "Dil e Man, Musafir e Man". While Faiz wrote this poem about exile, this video explores Marx's concept of alienation within the context of modern industrial capitalism.

None of the individuals within the video are actors. Comrade Irfan plays his and his family's shared experiences. In fact, every single role has been played by individuals who actually live these lives. The video was shot in the industrial areas of Lahore (Greentown, Multan Road, Defence Road, Ilaqa Nawab Sahib). Laal's music is about real people and real struggles.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a poet, a socialist and a sufi.

I loved it when I heard that he had said '[Sufis] are the real comrades'.

Some of my comrades are Sufis too, Sufism is the mystical heart of Islam.

It is about tolerance, peace and understanding.

Sufism is under attack by the fundamentalist and the Islamphobes....it is tradition that we should all celebrate irrespective of our personal views about religion.

Faiz has been described as the greatest poet to write in Urdu, I am so lucky to have been contacted by Laal and sent their video above, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Nice Music, liked it! Cheers Rachel.

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