27 Jan 2011

New study finds fear of clowns is far from irrational.

Britain is just as thick with secret police as Tunisia or Egypt, protest and you are in the spotlight. This is an excellent article from Solomon Hughes. Hoping someone will out the MI5 people in political parties and the infiltration of environmental groups by private security, then there is the back door secret state control of the mass media.

Think you are in a democracy, well think again, its a 'managed democracy'.

This is the face of Britain's political police.

One of the high points of undercover constable "Lynn Watson's" five-year secret mission into the protest movement involved dressing as a clown to occupy the offices of Labour MP Hilary Benn in a 2004 protest against the Iraq war.

Watson "infiltrated" the movement by paying £20 and attending two days of "intensive rebel clown training" in a "big shoe camp" held at a church hall in Leeds.

The Rebel Clown Army is the exact opposite of a violent protest movement. A regular feature on many direct action protests, it uses buffoonery, absurdity and costume to create a disruptive but distinctly non-aggressive presence.

Watson's involvement with the Clown Army formed a pattern in her spy mission - she "infiltrated" protest groups that were entirely non-violent.

The entire undercover operation, involving the highest levels of the police force and costing millions of pounds, led to few, if any, successful prosecutions for serious crimes and prevented no violent acts - because there were no violent acts to prevent.

This was purely political policing.

Watson began her undercover mission by joining Swords into Ploughshares protests against the Trident missile system at the Aldermaston weapons factory in Berkshire - close to the officer's home police force in south-east England.

These demonstrations were entirely non-violent, but the officer's "success" in pretending to be a demonstrator and compiling protesters' names seems to have led to her selection for the full undercover mission.

Watson moved to Leeds.

Her stay with the rebel clowns was short.

After occupying Labour offices and disrupting a local army recruiting station, where balloons and buffoonery bamboozled local police, she moved on.

Rebel Clown organiser John Jordan told me: "She was a totally bad clown, could not let go and be free, which is what clowns have to learn to do."


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