16 Jan 2011

UK Uncut action report from Lee Massey

Today in Londons’ busy Oxford Street, around 50 protesters from the group UK Uncut, turned up outside the Vodafone store to protest about the alleged non payment of a £6billion tax bill. The group conducted many speeches and chants through a megaphone and eventually managed to get the store to close.

Dr. Derek Wall, who is a lecturer at Goldsmiths College teaching Political Economy said “I think it’s great to be on this protest, because local services are being cut by £6billion but Vodafone have got away from paying £6billion in tax…So we’re all paying more VAT, because it’s gone up 20%, but corporation tax has actually gone down…People are frustrated, and are taking out their frustration through non violent direct action, and I think that’s brilliant.”

The crowd held their banners and signs and the protest ended peacefully with no arrests and the crowd moving on. London, UK. 15/01/2011



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