Response to RSCG PR to 'indigenous' allegations

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Euro RSCG London appears to have been caught "red-...":

Euro RSCG PR is unaware of the alleged telephone conversation as reported by EnviroLeaks regarding Amazonian tribes.
We are taking this very seriously and are investigating the allegations.
This alleged point of view does not reflect the high ethical standards to which we consistently operate as a company.
To speak to someone
Head of Agency PR – Sarah Van Praagh 07974 217 812/


enviroleaks said…
Response from EnviroLeaks: "We are able to verify, categorically, that the transcript is a true record of a conversation that took place between the caller and Biss Lancaster / Euro RSCG. There is no 'alleged' about this. EnviroLeaks Admin."

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