10 Jan 2011

Former high profile Labour activist says vote Green in Oldham

John Nicholson, who used to be Labour deputy leader of Manchester City Council, has called on voters in this weeks Oldham by-election to vote Green.

I would echo this not just cos I am Green but Peter Allen the candidate is a good amigo and a principled ecosocialist a strong green vote would really stick it to those neo-liberal democrats as well and give Phil Woolas's nasty escapades it would be good to punish New Labour too.

Peter Allen, excellent and principled socialist, is the Green Party candidate in Oldham (the by-election following the deserved removal of the awful woolas). Anyone and everyone who can assist Peter to raise his anti-cuts, anti-privatisation, anti-war, anti-racism position should be encouraged to help. As far as I know there isnt any obvious left split here (I understand that Respect is explicitly supporting Peter for example and will have leaflets of their own to do so). Also public transport is a big issue in this constituency (reliant on trains and buses to get into Manchester and elsewhere) and the fares increases will hit local people severely. So, as follows:

Subject: Oldham east and Saddleworth Parliamentary by-election campaign - help needed

Oldham east and Saddleworth Parliamentary by-election campaign - help needed

As January 13th the polling date for this high profile Parliamentary by-election draws nearer it leaves the Green Party with very little time left to campaign, so we desperately need all the help that we can get.

To help with campaigning in Oldham east and Saddleworth please:

email nigel@paxmundi.info

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