13 Jan 2011

Archbishop accuses Irish Green Party of 'corruption' and calls for social revolution

‘Somehow the Greens managed to do a complete turnaround and stabilise the Fianna Fáil government, and they have stayed there through thick and thin. It’s a very sad thing. It’s not just true of the Green Party, but it is very true of them, power tends to corrupt.’

Dr Neill is also ‘very sad’ at how our sovereignty was ‘diminished in the economic field’ by the IMF/ECB bailout. ‘We are in a mess. There’s a great deal of anger and frustration in society. I know that people are very fearful that things could get worse. ‘I think this coming year is going to be very difficult. And I don’t think it has dawned on people fully what the implications of the Finance Bill are going to be. All we hope is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.’

One of the top Irish clergy has accused the Irish Green Party of 'corruption'.

Sadly he is absolutely right.

The Irish Green Party are the Liberal Democrats of their nation.

They have constantly betrayed hope.

They hold a mirror to the face of all Green Parties, we must take care or when we look into the glass we will see the distorted face of John Gormley.

Its a very very tough political world out their, politics involves compromise but the Irish Greens have helped bankers and wrecked the lives of Irish citizens.

They will be extinct after the General Election in March.

Incidentally as a more Catholic than Protestant non Christian, I was intrigued by the following, comments from John Gormley:

as a party that probably has the highest proportion of Church of Ireland members in its ranks, we noted with great disappointment the comments of the archbishop”.

Good for the Church of Ireland, I continue to be inspired by those of faith who realize that path of faith is the pursuit of justice.



Unknown said...

I also think just the name Green affects the loyalties in that land. Nice article Derek.

John Reardon said...

Given the tendency of too many Green parties across Europe to sell out, there's a strong case for GPEW to leave the Green group in the European Parliament and ally instead with the Nordic Green Left. I'm uncomfortable with, for example, Die Grunen in Germany and some of the stances they've taken on issues.

Carlisle and Eden Greens are currently considering a motion to the September conference to that end. Any thoughts Derek?

Derek Wall said...

I think it is something that is appropriate to discuss, the Irish Green Party though is a uniquely bad example!

Likewise in a neo-liberal Europe there is huge pressure on all parties to move right ward, however I do think there is a consensus amongst GPEW members that the Irish Greens have fucked up big time.

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