'Pimps and Economists'

Closet idealists
Baldheaded realists
Rastas and bikers
The voice on the phone
Pimps and economists
Royalty and communists
Rioters and pacifists
Persons unknown

The Poison Girls were a British anarcho-punk band, at one point a part of that scene around Crass. The female singer, Vi Subversa, wrote songs that kicked patriarchy in the teeth, bringing the kind of punk energy associated with "anarcho-punk" to bear on women's experiences and struggles. From what i understand, Vi got turned on to punk when two of her kids formed their own band (The Fatal Microbes - they went on to be half of Rubella Ballet) - she figured this was something she might be good at, and the rest is history.

Poison Girls 'Persons Unknown' love this.

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