30 Jan 2011

José María Arguedas is our flag in the war for our planet and against the capitalists!

Here in Peru, from the days of San Martin, we have always been ruled by foreigners. We have never been anything but the servants of aliens.

"The foreigners are like rapists. They promise everything until they have had their ways, then they beat and scorn their victims. And now, today, the foreigners’ bastard children roll over and beg to be violated, themselves! I tell you, their ‘sophistication’ is just a sickness’ [El zorro de arriba y el zorro de abajo, pp. 58-60].

With sentiments like this its no wonder that the corrupt Peruvian government in hock to oil companies and smashing the rainforests prefer to forget that José María Arguedas is the countries most important novelist, Alan Garcia a comprador prefers a comprador Peruvian novelist who wont upset the corporations!

Just had this from Hugo Blanco, Spanish link here, translation is me plus google translate, not sure about quote from Arguedas...

For those new to my blog Hugo Blanco is the leading ecosocialist and indigeneous leader, he recently toured Britain and led a successful peasant revolution in the 1960s, praised by Che, now aged 76 he fights every day for Mother Earth and against capitalism!

2011 - Año del centenario del nacimiento de José María Arguedas

The commemoration of the centenary of the birth of José María Arguedas has become a rallying point for those who struggle for our culture with all its rich content: Among many other things, of our relationship with Pachamama, whose children we are and who we should live within and sustain. :The organization collective, communal democratic and solidarity, which we share :The good life, you understand that happiness is theaccumulation of money to do the bidding of the consumer society, but to live successfully. From good living, we understand that happiness does not come from the accumulation of money to do the bidding of the consumer society, but to live appropriately. Respect for diversity. The love of our ancestors and descendants.

Predatory neoliberalism, of course is against all this: It fights against nature by razing the forest, convert forests into timber, extracting hydrocarbons that poison the water, killing plants and animals and many other forms. Attacking the mountains with mining and hydroelectric, stealing and poisoning the water for agriculture. Attacking the arable land with agribusiness monoculture and the use of agrochemicals.

The struggle of ideas is not only a reflection of the struggle in practice: On one hand the largely indigenous population, the victim of predation and on the other the large predatory multinational corporations along with their servant Alan García and Vargas Llosa.
So no wonder that the government has refused to declare 2011 the centenary of the birth of José María Arguedas.

Nor are we surprised that multiple voices that are organising events, such as the Regional Council in Ayacucho. In Abancay the municipality organized the celebration. There are activities in Lima was successful in the popular parade organized by various cultural groups, artistic, political, and continue for events.

These are defiant gesture against the enemies of nature and people.
Inseparable part of the commemoration of the centenary of Arguedas has to be support for the struggles that are now giving the Indians who so loved him, and defend their indigenous principles: Cocachacra, Combapata, Espinar, Puno, Ayabaca, Huancabamba Conococha, etc.

Referring to his novel "The Deep River, four days before he died Arguedas said:
"In the novel I imagined this invasion with a premonition: those who study the times to come, those who understand social struggles and politics, those who understand the significance of this revolt of the storming of the city that I imagined. How, how much more the boiling blood of these men would rise if only they pursued to the death the mother of the plague, typhus, the bosses, the day when they overcame the fear, the horror that they have!"

I beat the los gamonales and today fight against the attacks of neo-liberalism.

Arguedas is our duty as with all our strength to support the struggles that raise indigenous principles that both respected the father:

Against the attack of neoliberalism the defense of communal solidarity organization, which provide all democratically.

Against the attack on nature, the defense of Pachamama.

Against the capitalist approach the most important thing in life is to make money, the principle of Good Living, that happiness is to live successfully.

Against the dominance of colonial culture, respect for cultural diversity.

Against forgetting the past and the inhuman selfishness to future generations, respect for our ancestors and ensuring the survival of the species.

Let us support the rebel movement that challenges the current oppressors!

In Cocachacra against the Southern and its servant Alan García, collectively and democratically demand the people of Cocachacra!

The memory of Arguedas is inseparable from our strong support of the struggle for the defense of indigenous principles he loved.

José María is now more alive than ever, it is our banner, our "unanchay", the symbol of those who fought for life against the "black heralds sent to us by death" in the words of Vallejo.

Hugo Blanco
January 2011

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