7 Jan 2011

Lib Dems destroyed in by-election wipe out.

By-election result here.

If there are two parties I really hate (for the same reason)at least both are going to be wiped out.

The Irish Greens went into coalition with 'corrupt motorway building through prehistoric sites' Fianna Fail...they will lose all their MPs in the spring election in Ireland

The Tories are in government with a big enough majority to out Thatcher Thatcher only because of the Lib Dems.

Poll here. showing Lib dems on 7%

Being a seasoned watcher of these thing I knew Nick Clegg had been part of an orange book coup to bring free market fundamentalists into control of the leftish Liberal Democrats.

Millions of Lib Dem voters did not pick up on this and even if some of them prefered Tories to Gordon Brown I doubt they would have wanted forest sell off, destruction of state education, dissection of NHS.

In a wicked world the fact that Lib Dems are going to be annihilated make me happy.

And I am breaking ranks to oppose AV, cos the only way they will elect MPs is with AV and transfers from the Conservative Party and UKIP.

A no to AV vote could destroy the coalition, sorry folks I have kids who might want to go to university, I love forests, the NHS delivered my babies and looked after me when I was very sick...the Lib Dems need to be sunk!


Salman Shaheen said...

I want the coalition to sink too and I'd very much like your kids to go to university. But do you not think if AV fails, it will significantly set back calls for genuine democratic voting reform? Critics will say, 'well, they couldn't even get enough support for AV, no one wants PR'. Not a fair argument, but it will be made nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Green Party Councilor Vint seems to like the Lib Dems, at least locally. "The local Lib Dems have a local manifesto that is packed with excellent policies on social, environmental and local democracy issues that are very similar to those of the Green Party.

"I feel that the two parties are natural partners and I look forward to working closely with the Lib Dem group on the district council."

Benjamin said...

Agree about opposition to AV, but would not like to see the annihilation of Lib Dems, but rather a resounding drubbing.

Jeremy said...

I agree with Salman. Without a more representative voting system the Greens are doomed to a handful of seats for ever, and the broader left will have no alternative for government than a Labour Party chasing swing voters, which means it'll always be centre right. We can break the coalition in more ways than one without harming our own interests.

Anonymous said...

"I am breaking ranks to oppose AV" So there is one thing you have in common with the Irish Greens.

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

Canvassing in Brighton back in 2017 to support Green Party MP Caroline Lucas’s re-election efforts, I knocked on a door and came acros...