15 Nov 2008

500 workers laid off on Olympic site?

'I hear that Byrnes Brothers have, yesterday, laid off 500 workers on the Olympic site.

I have not seen anything about it on the news, but this info comes from workers on the site'
Is a message I had a few minutes ago...certainly the recession looks to be deep and long to me...toughest since the 1930s may be worse.

The car companies in the US are on the edge, I am certainly very critical of car companies and rising gnp but sudden economic chaos looks to create huge problems...why not convert industry to ecological ends with a bit of state planning, open source ecosocialist that I am a bit of traditional planning looks saner than the Ayn Rand school for tots.

Equally a lot of London has already been smashed up for the ring circus...however no fun losing your job...

I wonder whether Lenin sent Ayn Rand to America to destroy capitalism, remember the powerful position her most prominent acolyte took in the finance system.

More musing on all this later.

by the way google Rothbard for a nice libertarian critique of Ayn Rand....


Anonymous said...

To understand Ayn Rand's views on Capitalism read her book of essays on the subject "Capitalism The Unknown Ideal" Capitalism is the system of free men and private property, producing values for their lives and dealing with other men as traders, not beggars, moochers or theives. Trading by mutual agreement benefits all at the expense of none. The role of government in this system is crucial and limited to the protection of individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness by banning the initiation of force from human affairs. The police protect us from criminals, the military from foreign attackers and the courts settle honest disagreements among men peacefully, by objective evidence presented to an impartial judge and/or jury in a court of law. The constitution was written to protect the citizens from the government, the most dangerous and destructive agent, if and when it strays from its sole proper function of protecting individual rights. A shining day awaits its implementation in the future. Thank you Ayn Rand!

Derek Wall said...

Ayn Rand has wrecked global capitalism.

Take a look here for a critique of her views http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/rothbard23.html

I must admit I prefer to listen to saner free-market voices, I may disagree with the Economist magazine and Joseph Schumpeter but their views are worth examination.

Ayn Rand no thanks.

Anonymous said...

In what way has Ayn Rand wrecked global capitalism. It has never existed. She is the most powerful and consistent advocate of Capitalism in the history of man. If you disagree make your case.

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