29 Nov 2008

Crunch, crunch, crunch..new breakfast cereal from Miltion Friedman

We have reached another bifurcation point in history. While all eyes are on the credit crunch, less is being talked about the "eco-crunch" whose real-world losses – of habitats, water systems, species, soils – can't be bailed out. Even less is being written about the energy and food price crunch. Anyone proposing a strategy that fails to take account of these combined crunches is about to fall to earth with a bump.

hi friends and interested fellows

hope you are all well in this time of crunches

This is a quickly thrown together 600 words about the trinity of crunches (credit/eco/energy) that the guardian comment is free asked me to do.


and whilst your at it .. if you want to brush up on your contemporary climate science and get very depressed/outraged etc.. I just went to see this report being launched .. its terrifying..... !



Nice to hear from John Jordan you can click and have a look at his critique of the Green New Deal here

My comments on New Green Deal....

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