5 Nov 2008

Pesticide victory for Caroline and Jean

But Caroline Lucas, a British Green MEP and a member of the environment committee making the pesticide proposals, insisted "human health must be given better protection".

"With today's vote, MEPs have rejected industry scaremongering, and sent a clear message that they want to see a reduction in the use of dangerous pesticides," she said.

"A record level of pesticides are being found in food items sold in the EU, with almost half of all fruit, vegetables and cereals containing pesticide residues."

this is from an other wise fairly hysterical Daily Telegraph article

This story proves the value of Green Party MEPs including Caroline and Jean Lambert, who helped get the restriction on pesticides through.

We need to work hard to get them re-elected, June 2009 will see the Euro elections and with recession plus a reduction of the number of seats in the London constituency we all need to get involved.

Will try and post more details of how you can support the Green Party election effort, watch this space.

I am remember working very hard in 2004 for the SE euro campaign...

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