Snp dumped by Trump

No they could not..

Not so much the Brown bounce as the 'Trump dump', billionaire Donald Trump has wrecked Alex Salmond's hopes in the Glenrothes by-election.

The SNP lost with environmentalists who don't like the destruction of wildlife by billionaires and nationalists who don't like US billionaires influencing SNP policy.

Yes craven new labour would have done the same but nice to see the SNP loss after the Trump affair.

More by-election fun another day.


Sue Luxton said…
Do you really think the golf course was a big factor in this by-election? The golf course proposal is for Aberdeenshire and Glenrothes is in Fife.
Red Green Nick said…
Good point Sue,

Can't have been helpful, but I would say that it mostly the fact that the SNP are now in power in Scotland.

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