30 Nov 2008

An appeal from Leila Shahid


Action alert!

Dear Friends,

Please find here under an appeal from Leila Shahid, General delegate of Palestine toward the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg!

We must react urgently toward our European parliamentarians in order to block the ratification of the text which must be voted on Thursday 4th December!!

During the last ECCP lobby days, all European interlocutors says that the upgrading will never be ratified in 2008 – they will wait for the Czech Republic presidency, beginning of 2009… Thinks seems changed, in order to support Tsipi Livni (in stead of Netanyahu) Europe wants to sign the upgrading before the end of the year… (As they did for Ehud Barak in the past!!!).

As we are in a “pre-electoral” period, civil society must be heard… so please react urgently and massively toward you parliamentarians….

and forward to your members and contacts…

Best regards,



In its meeting on November 5 in Brussels, the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security of the European Parliament endorsed the European Commission and Council proposal about Israel participation in the European Community programs. This new protocol of cooperation offers to Israel a full access to the EU scientific, academic, research and technical programmes.

For its entry into force, the agreement must have the backing of European Parliament (EP). It will be submitted to a vote at the plenary meeting on Thursday, December 4 in Brussels. The Israeli Foreign Minister will visit the European Parliament on Tuesday, December 2 to put pressure on MEPs to vote in favour of this agreement.

This new cooperation protocol between the EU and Israel intervenes while on the ground, Israel is accelerating settlements construction, reinforces the closure of Palestinian territories, especially in the Gaza Strip, and practice many forms of violation of human rights.

I call on you to work for the mobilize of all non-governmental organizations in your country, to intervene with the EP in order not to grant this privilege to Israel before it implements the principles of peace.

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