3 Nov 2008

Money trumps ecology in Scotland

I must admit I have been quite impressed by the SNP on a range of issues but giving the go ahead to Donald Trump to build a vast golf course on a bit of Scotland valued for its wildlife habitats is a big turn off.

Money trumps ecology even apparently with Alex, depressing stuff indeed.

Trump, I believe, flew into the public inquiry on the planning permission in his personal jumbo.

Depressing, climate change needs to be tackled yet billionaires in jets still set policy even in these times.

As Bob used to say, 'Money doesn't talk, it swears'.

When the progressive politicians sell out I reach for my Earth First! inspiration, EF! seem to be onto Trump, click here.


Anonymous said...

There's a reason why money trumpts ecology.

Money delivers jobs, wealth and prosperity. Sand dunes don't.

Derek Wall said...

surprisingly little golf on a dead planet, depressing that Trump trumps Salmond.

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