4 Nov 2008

Terrorism charges dropped against environmentalists

The public prosecutor in Piura (northern Peru) has dropped terrorist charges against 35 environmentalists and human rights activists who helped organise a local referendum to protest against mining activity in their region in 2007 (see Peru News 026). Last March, the "Asociación Civil Frente de Unidad de la Comunidad Campesina de Segunda y Cajas", an association which supports the Río Blanco mining project, accused these 35 people of belonging to leftwing terrorist organisations (see Peru News 032). According to the defence lawyer and member of human rights organisation FEDEPAZ (Ecumenical Foundation for Development and Peace), David Velazco, the allegations were not based on facts nor do they have any legal basis.

This snippet is from the Peru Support Group...I guess those opposing golf courses in Scotland will soon be labelled terrorists...so it goes on, opposition to accumulation is unpatriotic, etc, etc.

The 'growth' is usually directly for the benefit of a tiny minority and at the expense of future generations.

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