3 Nov 2008

Don't vote SNP in the by-election on thursday

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said: "The fact that this project has been approved in its entirety demonstrates a blatant disregard for the legal protections these dunes are under.

"We can only hope that the current economic crisis tears a hole in his business plan, and that he fails to get the money he needs to fund the project. Even the credit crunch must surely have a silver lining."

From the BBC


Anonymous said...

BECAUSE this deal went through I will be voting SNP on Thursday. In this time of economic crisis more jobs in the North East of Scotland can only be a positive thing.

Kev said...

If Trump had agreed to certain amendments to his proposals, then he would have had approval locally. I don't have the full details of the approval, but I hope he's restricted in what he caan do with them. If he isn't, this is a great shames, and the scottish government needs to know that they can, if they're bothered, balance economic development with environmental heritage.

But right now, it seems a lazy choice. Shame.

Anonymous said...

How utterly repulsive from Patrick Harvie, a man who seems to think environmentalism is all about being nasty to people with lots of money. (Hint to Patrick, that would be socialism)

So you propose that Labour, who are devoted to new nuclear power and Trident should be allowed to win because of a golf course?!?

Just goes to show how blinkered and spiteful the green movement can be.

BSH said...

Oh dear, another green 'radical' determined to tell people what to do.

Is this where the 'talent' from Labour is going these days?

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