Green Party Trade Union Group Fundraising Quiz

The Green Party Trade Union Group has had an active year - working with
trade unions, spreading the news of the work on workers rights being carried
out by our MEPs, Assembly Members and councillors, organising a Climate
Change Trade Union conference, taking part in campaigns, etc, etc. But we
need some financial assistance as we are not funded by the national party or
anyone else, and need to raise some funds for some of this important work
over the coming year.

That's where you come in. Whether you are a trade unionist, a party member
or a supporter of the trade union movement. We are having a fund raising

When? - Friday 12th December @ 7.30pm

Where? - Lucas Arms, 254 Grays Inn Road near Kings Cross station

What? - Unusual quiz involving all sorts of strange and interesting items
with quizmaster Noel Lynch

Who? - Open to all, relatives, friends, partners, ex-partners, internet
acquaintances etc. Form a team and enter the fray.

Come along and enjoy yourself with other Greens and trade unionists and help
the Trade Union Group carry on important work with the trade union movement
in 2009.

Joseph Healy

Trade Union Group Treasurer


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