18 Nov 2008

British National Party membership list made public

On previous episodes of membership list leaks...take a look at Notes from the Borderland

Review of Borderland here which is worth a look if you want to get beyond mainstream media spin and fascist responses when it comes to stolen list...this is a story that has hit the news several times before.

The entire British National Party membership list has been published on line, no I am not giving you the link, although I had a glance at the document...

Lots of discussion on the web, and members of the far right party running for cover.

Indymedia seem to been first in on the act...

I am not sure what this is about, an internal feud, incompetence, state infiltration, disgruntled cleaning lads, pissed off tea girls.

I know that the secret state is keen to build up these kind of lists.

False or doctored lists might occur...why not make up some names to cause chaos?

There have been cases of false lists, used to wind up tension between left and right.

Who knows?

I would certainly not trust any such list....in the Green Party we had a little legal battle a couple of months back to reject release of membership details.

Some may laugh when a far right group has its membership list published but publishing names and addresses on the internet is unethical as far as I am concerned.

Any organisation should take that the people with access to membership data are limited and vetted with care...can you imagine if some stole the Green Party list.


Anonymous said...

I was shocked to read that a twice Green Party PPC is apparently now a BNP member.
You don't suppose the BNP leaked this list themselves as some strange part of there campaign for the European Parliament?

Derek Wall said...

I know two ex-Green Party members, incidentally both I knew personally from the direct action movement in the 1990s who are BNP members.

You could go across the spectrum and some people movement from the far right to sanity as well.

I would not rely on the list on the web because of ethical, legal and accuracy concerns.

Can't say I have heard of Green Party parliamentary candidates moving this far right

Anonymous said...


I think you are right to view this list with caution. In the past, such lists have been sent by Searchlight/Special Branch to fascists of anti-fascists and anti-fascists of fascists, in order to stoke up the flames of political tension. I know the identity of the person who probably leaked it, and it strikes me as something far more to do with secret state machinations than anything else. The BNP need to be combatted politically, not by this sort of maneouvre. Aside from the presence of 17 year olds on the list, there is no way the presence of any particular name on the list is 'verifiable' 100%. Lots of people on it I do recognise as present or past members, but certainly not all. The attempts by Searchlights poodle Lancaster Unity to strenuously argue the list is of recent provenance (this year) when it isn't, raises suspicions, for me, about their role in this. Suspicions that I would not be able to raise on Lancaster Unity itself--for despite their allowing comentary by various fascists, they censor comments by myself. Have they something to hide? I think so. I predicted to them some time ago that the likes of Searchlight were seeking to use them as plausible deniable and dispensable patsies, to be left alone to face the wrath of the state when the time is right. They chose to ignore me, as is their right--we shall see what transpires. As for the ex-BNP member said to be the proximate source of the leaks, at the very least he may well have been paid to do so, and was certainly not the only person to have access to such data.

The BNPs attempts to take legal action are unlikely to prove fruitful--as covered in Notes from the Borderland issue 1 (the BNP again) & Notes From the Borderland 4 (UKIP) it does seem that it is not illegal to disseminate party membership lists that were in an initial electronic form. A deliberate legislative loophole designed to allow Special Branch/MI5 to act with impunity.

In these fevered times, it is commendable that voices of sanity like Derek can still be heard.

Anonymous said...

Hey again Derek,
I am finding something very strange about this leaked BNP membership list. Firstly, Some reports are stating the membership list is from last year, well why does some of the data talk about 2008? secondly, I have a feeling the planned effect was not just to damage the BNP, but also damage other parties.
This Green Party former candidate is apparently not a member of the BNP anymore and was only very briefly a member. Then why is his data still on this list? I reckon it's on there to simply damage the Green Party.
An accidental leak? I don't think so, Griffin needs to act like it was accidental (some ex-party activist with an axe to grind) in order not to drive away the party faithful.

Anonymous said...

can i just say didnt the labour party not to long ago try to make the bnp party illegal if you ask me i think the labour party are running scared of the BNP come on at the end of the day the BNP only want what is ours not something or anything just our great country so come on lets all get behind the bnp in the next european elections and make our britain proud

Anonymous said...

bnp for european elections

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