14 Nov 2009

Archbishop condones killing of gays and lesbians

Archbishop of York to remain silent over bill which will kill gays in Uganda, blood all over his robes if you ask me, Outrage needed!

Religion should be about compassion and reverence.

This Bishop is like the priests who stood around or even cheered when Jesus was killed.

Religious 'leaders' who failed to speak out against the persecution of LGBT community fail to follow their faith and betray their flock.

'The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) attempted to contact both Archbishop John Sentamu and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, hoping they would speak out unequivocally against the proposed laws.

The Archbishop of York’s office told LGCM that Archbishop Sentamu “will not be making a statement on this issue”. The Archbishop of Canterbury has not responded.

In an open letter published by the Guardian on Wednesday, the prominent gay Christian Nigerian activist Davis Mac-Iyalla also called on the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Anglican primates to speak out against the bill, whatever their views on “homosexuality as a moral issue”.

“As a practising Anglican Christian, I believe it is crucial that the Anglican Communion unites to prevent the killing of people on the grounds of sexuality” said Mac-Iyalla, who now lives as a refugee in Britain following homophobic persecution in his native Nigeria.'

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