23 Nov 2009

Birds marsh to be built over

Good to hear from Steve Hunt, I have known him since I guess we were both seven or eight, I have long departed the playfields of Chippenham.

Sad to hear that the local environment continues to be built over at great speed, Chippenham I suspect in the 1950s was a place of beauty.

Not since.

Sorry no map by the way but do look at the link,

Dear all,

For those of you who don't know, Birds' Marsh is the area north of Chippenham that I have been chattering on about this year. My book on Birds' Marsh is due to be published in March.

See attached map indicating the affect of 'preferred options' on Birds' Marsh and other areas such as the Hardens Mead area. The green line indicates the proposed road which would cut across the Birds' Marsh fields and hedgerows and clip the edge of Birds' Marsh Wood.

The letter has links for the 2026 plan which aims to build more than 5, 000 houses in the Chippenham area. It also gives details of the consultation process. Responses to the consultation must be in by the end of the year. Beyond the local situation in Chippenham the formerly protected green belt is currently under threat in many areas. Success in protecting Birds' Marsh and other areas over the coming months could therefore help to protect the countryside as a whole.

See also: http://friendsofbirdsmarsh.com/ and forward to anyone else that might be interested.

Kind regards,


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