28 Nov 2009

Elect Caroline Lucas MP

Went canvassing with Caroline Lucas, excellent response, she can win if people support, climate change get serious help elect first green MP.

My worry is that local Green Party activists across the UK will do their local thing, this needs to be supplement with actual work in the three target seats.

Caroline Lucas has the best chance of being elected and this would then have a knock on effect.

If enough people go down and canvass and leaflet she is a shoe in.

If most Green Party activists do local stuff and don't give her practical support it will be more difficult.

The next action day in Brighton is January 9th but from now on there is daily activity.

If you are concerned about climate change and other ecological ills, take action, go and support the campaign to elect Caroline.

Any way I had a positive couple of hours helping and meet lots of people who said they would vote Green, several for the first time.

So email or phone to find out how you can help

caroline [at] carolineforpavilion.org

t: 01273 766670
m: 07908 260528


Stuart Jeffery said...

A Kent contingency (3 of us) went down on Friday and did 6 hours of leafleting each. Sore feet but worth it!

Derek Wall said...

excellent, there certainly have been good people like you from outside Brighton doing a bit, if every activist did one session we would have an MP in B P no problem.

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