8 Nov 2009

Climate campaign trade union report back

Campaign against climate change trade union committee meeting for P.Murray, gracias Pete, more on the green jobs pamphlet when I have a moment.

The Conference on 7/11/2009 was generally agreed to have been fairly successful. Favourable mention made of Jonathon Hari’s contributions.

Report back from Vetsas the camp on the ‘magic roundabout’ continues. Vestas is building a new ‘facility’ nearby. The campaign for reinstatement continues and there will be an event on 21/11 in Newport .

Green Jobs pamphlet now available sponsored by CWU, PCS, UCU & TSSA (RMT had withdrawn at last minute) P.Murry has copies for sale@£2 ( if purchased from me part of proceeds to GL and GPTU). A part 2 would be published in new yr.

Emails of support from TU branches needed for Copenhagen demo (12/12/2009) (details on Cacc site.( http://www.campaigncc.org/))

Also maximum support from unions for 5/12 demo needed, large turnout expected.

Meeting to discuss aftermath of Copenhagen and future strategy discussed , some support but GL and friends may have to organise it themselves.

Suggestions for speakers for Cacctu conference 13 march (probable venue Kings College ) needed.

Next cacctu meeting sun 17/1/2010 venue tba

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