Wanted for crimes against nature and humanity Ray Hunt

If you know where Ray Hunt is, get in touch immediately.

There are some communities in the Amazon who need to have a word with him.

'WANTED: Ray Hunt, in person, in the Amazon' The Yine, Machiguenga and Harakmbut communities, issued a statement this month demanding to speak 'directly' to Ray Hunt, CEO of the Texas-based company HuntOil. James Pliny reports. Can you imagine oil tycoon and Bush associate Ray Hunt in the Amazon? That's what three tribes have requested. Hunt’s company, Hunt Oil, is exploring on the [...] read more/leer mas athttp://intercontinentalcry.org/wanted-ray-hunt-in-person-in-the-amazon/


Frank said…
Everything can be hunted, and someone can hunt everything?

A world full of fantasy.

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