6 Nov 2009

Climate justice not carbon con petition here

To United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) leaders / Heads of Government,
At the UNFCCC talks in Copenhagen in 2009, we urge you to reach a just and sufficient international agreement on climate change, which will secure our futures and those of generations to come. The agreement should recognise that rich countries have done the most damage to our climate and they should take action first. In addition, the agreement should:

Commit wealthy industrialised countries (listed in “Annex I”) to at least 40% cuts in emissions domestically by 2020, by using green energy, sustainable transport and farming and cutting energy demand.
Not allow cuts to be achieved by buying carbon credits from developing countries or by buying forest in developing countries to 'offset' ongoing emissions in the industrialised world.
Commit rich countries to providing additional money for developing countries to grow in a clean way, and to cope with the floods, droughts and famines caused by climate change while ensuring that this money is distributed fairly and transparently.
We will not accept anything less from our international representatives in the climate negotiations.

Great stuff, I have signed this Friends of the Earth petition, please join me and spread the word


glad they are pointing out we need climate justice, a green new deal and support for the indigenous.

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