20 Nov 2009

Brighton Tories admit Caroline Lucas is headed for a win

The Tories selected a new Brighton Pavilon candidate by an open primary, just noticed this comment from one of their members

“I thought the whole process was a bit long winded, they could have narrowed it down to less candidates and a shorter time each. It was extremely difficult to choose. Everyone around me said they didn’t know who to vote for. I think Charlotte Vere has got a very tough fight on her hands with the Greens now.”


Elections are won by activity, I am hard pressed finishing a book but I am going to spare some hours next saturday to get the train to Brighton and do some election work for Caroline.

Eco centre, saturday 28th 10pm to 11pm to get some leaflets.

The Eco centre is right outside Brighton Train Station. come and join me.

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Anonymous said...

"Charlotte Vere has got a very tough fight on her hands with the Greens now.”

How does that amount to saying Caroline is headed for a win?

You are a bit of a spin merchant, Derek - but not a good one.

And as for green left unity, why are the Greens in Lewisham standing candidates against the Socialist councillors in Telegraph Hill ward?

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

Canvassing in Brighton back in 2017 to support Green Party MP Caroline Lucas’s re-election efforts, I knocked on a door and came acros...