18 Nov 2009

New Statesman names eco heroes and green villains

Well the real green heros never win a prize.

They just get shot.

They get put in prison.

But they win.

Invisible to the vast majority of environmentalists, the inter cultural association of the Peruvian Amazon, made up of the various tribal communities who live in the Amazon have prevented the Amazon from being trashed by oil companies in 2008 and 2009

They are the good news story and if you are serious about tackling climate change you recognise that their contribution has been massive.

Nonetheless good to see Marina Silva who will be running as Green candidate for the presidency of another country with plenty of Amazon gets a mention in the New Statesman hero category.

I guess they got that guy from BP to help with the judging because the head of the Beyond Planet corporation would know all about eco villains.



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