1 Nov 2009

Our man in Lima

Isn't it great to know with the rainforests under threat, indigenous people being massacred and oil companies moving in that the British govenment sent their best man to Peru to do his bit.

Do have a look at Chris Bryant MP's twitters they indicate a man really focussed on human rights, social justice and climate change.

Which part of Peru did Paddington bear come from?
1:53 PM Oct 4th from TweetDeck

From Lima it seems the Tories are still obsessed with Europe and haven't really changed at all.

Wonder when all the deaths will warrent a tweet....not a tweet from Chris Bryant about Alan Garcia trying to ban the main indigenous organisation Aidesep.

having said that, I think he has been moved to Europe....however the totally pathetic approach of the UK government to events in Peru make you want to weep.

Although the people in Peru are getting it together to stop the killings, human rights and rainforest destruction, you get the impression all the UK and EU are interested in is more investment opportunities for firms like Penco.

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